Our Team

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Mahmoud Khedr - Co-Founder, Business and Partnerships

Mahmoud is an Egyptian immigrant passionate about social change, especially empowering under-served communities. He cares deeply about spreading awareness and education around mental health, self-care and self-love. He’s a social entrepreneur who’s launched several startups and ventures and has experience working in tech, government and nonprofit sectors with organizations like Facebook, Echoing Green and the Mayor’s Office of Tech & Innovation.


Khandker Ahamed - Co-Founder, Marketing and Finance

Khandker Ahamed was born in Bangladesh and emigrated to the United States in 2010. He is passionate about about higher education and social entrepreneurship which inspired him to educate teens on mental health. Khandker started several education startups and has experience with real estate and marketing companies, investment, and business development sectors.


Danny Tsoi - Co-Founder, Product and Operations

Danny Tsoi is passionate about the intersection of technology and social impact. He believes strongly in developing solutions that can benefit the lives of future generations and have sustainable impact, such as mental health. As an entrepreneur and military veteran, he has over eight years of IT experience and started a nonprofit to improve healthcare in developing countries.